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Tim Lucas (NMLS 118763) has spent more than a decade helping people buy homes in real life, and another decade creating online mortgage resources for millions of people on sites like TheMortgageReports.com and MyMortgageInsider.com

Owning a home is the #1 tool to build wealth and security. But buying and financing your first home can seem nearly impossible. It doesn’t have to be this way. This site will help you navigate your home purchase and secure the most affordable financing possible. You can do this.

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How is “This Is Mortgage” different?

Many mortgage websites are filled with content from journalists and freelancers who have never worked in the mortgage industry.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of homebuyers get into homes, giving me real-world insights on how to overcome obstacles. I can help you purchase a home, perhaps today.

If you’re not ready to buy yet, no problem. We can show you how to get ready to buy.

This is a very different experience you get from large, national websites that sell your information to huge data farms and call centers. I guarantee this is a better experience.

A note from Tim Lucas

Ten years from now, will you have six figures in home equity or still be financing your landlord’s lifestyle? The decisions you make now determine that answer.

Buying a home seems impossible at first. And people tell you not to do it. It seems too expensive.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With the right guidance, you can successfully and affordably become a homeowner and start building generational wealth and stability for your family (whether your family is just you or you have 10 kids.)

I didn’t think owning a home was possible. But fast forward a few decades and even I’m surprised at what I’ve done.

  • I bought my first house at 26 with $1,100 out of pocket.
  • I bought my brother’s house without an agent and turned it into a rental.
  • I have $1 million in equity (current value minus the loan) on my primary residence.

In total, I have a primary residence and two investment properties worth a combined $2.4 million.

I want to see even bigger things for you. But the first step is the right financing. Let’s get started

Tim Lucas, Creator of This Is Mortgage

Current, licensed, and active loan officer (NMLS #118763)
Creator of MyMortgageInsider.com (author profile)
Former editor of TheMortgageReports.com (author profile)
Former VP of Digital Strategy at Home.com
Contributor, Mortgage Research Center (author profile)