About This Is Mortgage

Tim Lucas has spent more than a decade helping people buy and refinance homes in real life, and another decade creating online mortgage resources for millions of people.

Add this to buying his first home at age 26 with just $1,100 out-of-pocket, and now owning real estate worth a combined $2.4 million.

Most mortgage websites are filled with articles created by paid writers who mean well, but have never actually helped someone finance a home start to finish. Some aren’t even homeowners themselves.

That’s why Tim started This Is Mortgage…home loan financing as it can only be told by an insider.

Tim Lucas - Creator of This Is Mortgage

A note from Tim Lucas

I love mortgages and have seen how homeownership transforms people’s lives. I like the hope that flashes in someone when I suggest a solution to help them become a homeowner or refinance to improve their lives.

That’s why this site is full of unbiased, unfiltered insights that will help you finance a home, no matter what your end goal is. I don’t represent a lender and can state things as they are. For that matter, I haven’t yet gotten around to putting ads, affiliate links, or any monetization on this site whatsoever. So far, this is a completely free site!

It’s time to pay it forward, anyway.

I bought my first house at 26. It was 2003 and there wasn’t much of anything online yet, let alone good mortgage information. This site would have been nice.

Fast forward a lot of years and I now own a primary residence and two investment properties worth a combined $2.4 million. There’s a sense of pride you get when you own a home and lock in a secure future for yourself and your family.

But homeownership and real estate isn’t just something I’ve done personally. I’ve also had the dream job of communicating about it for over 10 years now. One mortgage website I worked on had over 2 million visitors per month. Before that, I got to create a site from scratch that ended up with over 250,000 visitors per month. I still love getting emails about how an article I wrote unlocked the secret that helped someone buy a home.

Homeownership is a worthwhile goal. I hope it will bring you as much satisfaction as it has brought me. With that, enjoy this site!

Tim Lucas

Former loan officer and loan processor (NMLS #118763 licensing info – current/inactive)
Creator of MyMortgageInsider.com (author profile)
Former editor of TheMortgageReports.com (author profile)
Former VP of Digital Strategy at Home.com
Contributor, Mortgage Research Center (author profile)