Section 184 loan rates

Section 184 Loan Rates: What Can You Expect To Pay?

Section 184 Loan rates are tough to find online for a few reasons.

  1. Rates change daily
  2. Rates depend on your personal situation
  3. Section 184 loans are not highly advertised or talked about.

That’s why we advise you to get a personalized rate quote from a Section 184 Loan lender. No online estimate will show your true rate.

All that being said, we’ll try to give you a ballpark of where rates are at the moment, based on what we know about mortgage markets.

Section 184 Loan rates today

The Section 184 Native American home loan program is similar to other government-sponsored loans such as

Like Section 184, these loans are backed by the federal government. They also have similar requirements for down payments, credit scores, and other criteria. So it’s reasonable to estimate today’s Section 184 rates based on these loan types.

Luckily, these loan types are highly publicized and tracked, and here’s what they look like today.

Keep in mind that your Section 184 rate may be very different. Not only is it a different loan type, but your credit score, property type, and when you apply could all affect your rate.

How to get lower Section 184 rates

No matter what loan type you apply for, there are certain actions that can lower your rate.

Improve your credit score: While Section 184 loans don’t have a credit score minimum, you may get a better rate by having a better score. A high credit score takes some of the risk off of lenders, and they pass those savings onto you.

Shop around: There are about 140 Section 184 loan lenders in the U.S. (See a full list here). Get 3 or 4 quotes to compare. Make sure the lender is experienced with these loans. It’s better to successfully complete the loan than to get the lowest rate.

Pay points: Some lenders may offer the option to pay points upfront to get a lower rate. Points will add to your closing costs. Points aren’t always worth it, though, so make sure they reduce your payment enough to earn back your money in 18-24 months.

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Native American Home Loan eligibility

These loans are reserved for members of federally-recognized Native American Tribes. As such, have your Tribal ID ready to supply to the lender. 

Other Section 184 loan requirements are W2s, pay stubs, adequate income to service the house payment and existing debts, and enough assets or assistance to cover the down payment and closing costs.

Be sure to tell the lender if you are buying a home on trust lands. If so, the lender will work with your Tribe and BIA to obtain a lease.

Section 184 Rates FAQ

What are Section 184 Loan rates today?

To get an accurate quote, contact a lender that offers these loans. As an estimate, Section 184 rates may be similar to FHA, VA, and USDA loan rates.

How often do Section 184 loan rates change?

Section 184 loan rates change every day. Just like the stock market and other financial markets fluctuate each day, mortgage lenders change their rates daily to reflect current market conditions.

Are Section 184 loan rates low?

These rates are very low considering they require just a 2.25% down payment, no minimum credit score, and less expensive mortgage insurance than FHA. These are likely the best value for Native American homebuyers and refinancing homeowners.

Take advantage of low Section 184 Native American home loan rates 

With low rates and favorable terms, the Section 184 Loan can turn renters into homebuyers.

Check your eligibility with a lender. You might be surprised at how quickly you can own a home.


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