Section 184 Loans Alaska Native Homebuying Program

All About The Section 184 Loan For Alaska Native Families

The HUD Section 184 Loan is a home mortgage program designed for Alaska Native and Native American homebuyers.

It offers a low down payment, no credit score minimum, and flexible approval criteria.

It’s no wonder that Alaska is the second most popular state for Section 184 loans, with nearly 5,000 completed to date.

Alaska Native buyers should look into this program before embarking on their homeownership journey.

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Benefits of a Section 184 Loan in Alaska

Whether you’re buying a home in Alaska or the lower 48, Section 184 Loans come with huge benefits

  • Only a 2.25% down payment required
  • Down payment assistance is acceptable
  • Cover closing costs with gift funds or assistance
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Non-traditional credit and low credit scores are acceptable
  • Purchase, build, renovate, or refinance a home
  • Easier qualification criteria than FHA or conventional
  • Buy on or off Tribal Trust land

The Section 184 Loan is not available to everyone. Only Alaska Native and Native American buyers are eligible. It’s worth considering this loan program if you qualify.

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Where in Alaska are Section 184 loans available?

The entire state of Alaska is eligible. That means any home in the state that meets requirements can be financed, no matter its exact location.

And, yes, this means that if a home is on Tribal trust land, it can still be financed with Section 184.

Native Alaskans can also buy a home in any approved state or county in the U.S., not just within Alaska.

Section 184 loan limits Alaska

Because housing costs in Alaska are higher, loan limits are also larger than in most of the U.S. For comparison, the standard nationwide limit is $498,257 in 2024, but $510,400 or higher in Alaska, and even more in some AK counties.

And, an even larger loan is available for a duplex, triplex, or quadplex.

Standard Alaska Section 184 loan limits

  • 1-unit: $510,400
  • 2-unit (duplex): $653,312
  • 3-unit (triplex): $791,120
  • 4-unit (quadplex): $979,968

Here is a sample of counties and loan limits by unit count. Counties not listed have loan limits equal to the standard in the state:

ANCHORAGE$ 510,400$ 653,312$ 791,120$ 979,968
FAIRBANKS NORTH STAR$ 510,400$ 653,312$ 791,120$ 979,968
SITKA$ 510,400$ 653,312$ 791,120$ 979,968
JUNEAU$ 511,750$ 655,150$ 791,900$ 984,150
ALEUTIANS WEST$ 545,100$ 697,800$ 843,500$ 1,048,300

These limits give Alaska Native homebuyers lots of options. Need to buy an $800,000 tri-plex in Anchorage? You can do that with this loan.

Keep in mind, though, that you need to qualify for the loan based on your income and current debts. 

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Alaska Section 184 Loan calculator

It can be difficult to estimate your monthly payment, since there are not many good Section 184 Calculators online. 

Our calculator shows your Section 184 down payment, upfront mortgage insurance, and your full payment.

>>See our Alaska Section 184 Calculator<<

General Section 184 Native American Home Loan requirements

To buy a home in Alaska with Section 184, you’ll need to meet certain requirements.

Corporation or Tribal membership: You’ll need a valid ID or letter from an Alaska Native Corporation or Native American Tribe. 

Primary residence: The home you are buying, constructing, or refinancing must be your primary residence. This program does not allow you to buy second homes or investment properties. But you can buy a 2-4 unit property, live in one unit, and rent out the rest

Property type: Eligible properties are single-family residences, 2-4 unit homes, and  manufactured homes on a permanent foundation

Loan purpose: Buy, build, renovate, refinance a home or place a manufactured home on a permanent foundation.

Credit: No credit score minimum, but you must have satisfactory credit history with no current judgments or other serious derogatory items.

Income: Two years of employment history. Your future housing payment plus all debt payments can be up to 41% of your gross income, or 43% with compensating factors

Alaska Section 184 lenders

Unlike FHA and conventional loans, most lenders do not offer Section 184 Loans. However, there are 44 Section 184 lenders licensed in Alaska. This should give you plenty of options. Most buyers call just 3-4 lenders when getting rate quotes.

Below is a list of approved Section 184 lenders in Alaska as of January 2023, according to HUD.

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Section 184 Loans Alaska: FAQ

Are HUD Section 184 Loan available in Alaska?

Section 184 Loans are available in the entire state of Alaska, including Tribal Trust lands. The loan is open to members of Alaska Native Villages and Native American Tribes.

If I’m an Alaska Native, can I buy a home using HUD 184 outside of Alaska?

You can buy a home in any Section 184-eligible area of the U.S. as long as you are a member of an Alaska Native Village or Native American Tribe and meet other qualification standards.

How much does a Section 184 loan in Alaska cost?

You will need a 2.25% down payment plus another 2-5% of the home’s price for closing costs. The entire down payment and closing cost total can come from approved assistance or gift fund sources.

Get started on your Alaska Section 184 Native American Home Loan

If you are an Alaska Native, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this program. It’s better than FHA, conventional, and most other loan types.

Check your eligibility with a Section 184 lender, and start your homeownership journey.

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